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Part of the reason for starting this website was because we originally started a Facebook Group to help get us through the lockdown and had talked about a book. Instead we decided a website would work better so this post is a step back to where it all started. This is one of our YouTube videos we did back on day 26 of the lockdown! Text below from original YouTube post.

Our first little light hearted lockdown diary during the Covid-19 crisis. It’s taken us a while but during these times of uncertainty we thought perhaps a bit of a laugh is needed to lighten the mood. We feel very lucky to be back at our home berth at Gayton Marina amongst a community of lovely people rather than stuck in our old house in Luton.

Perhaps the hardest thing for us right now is missing our children, grandchildren and our parents who all mean so much to us along with the challenge of filling up our days without getting dragged into all the negativity on social media.

I have to say it, we have abandoned most of the Facebook Narrowboat Groups as it’s become a pathetic free for all of virtue signallers and self appointed police – we are supposed to all be in this together and positivity is what will see us through, not whinging about some bloke and his dog taking a walk on the towpath and passing with a few feet of your steel box. Sorry but it had to be said. Come on guys, let’s make the best of what we have got and stop the constant moaning – life is too short for that. Keep positive, stay safe.

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