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One thing I really love about living on a narrow boat in the countryside is that there is always something interesting to photograph. Of course there is the usual snapshot fodder of boats and general landscapes but if you look a little closer there are interesting shapes and textures everywhere that at first glance you might miss. Lock mechanisms, leaky lock gates, distant barns, farm equipment and a whole lot more. In this digital age we can just keep snapping away without worrying about the cost of film and developing of old. I often take 50 or more photos an hour and if I get 3 good ones from that I am more than happy.

I don’t often need an excuse to get my camera out but yesterday I had a play date with Liss from NB Wonthaggi who had been enjoying our Facebook groups photo challenge so much she bought herself a Canon DSLR and has now discovered a new hobby. She’s got a good eye for an image and I am sure she will produce some fantastic photographs once she has mastered the camera. So, an afternoon walk along the Northampton Arm of the Grand Union Canal with our cameras for a bit of practice was the plan. The gallery below are a few of the shots I took yesterday.

Although the light is quite harsh at this time of the year, especially in the middle of the day when we were out taking some shots, you can still get some quite pleasing images. Liss seemed to enjoy herself and is now well on the way to getting hooked on this wonderful passtime. She even took a couple of sneaky pictures of me taking pictures!

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