And this couldn’t be more true than when talking about boat names, for they have the power to make you smile, titter, laugh, guffaw or facepalm. Nonetheless, the name of the boat is traditionally very important, and superstition surrounds the whole business of naming a boat. Some say you should never change her name, some say that you may only re-name her when she’s out of the water. Others say only in the water. Some don’t give a damn!

In 2016 (remember it?) Grace and I did two major cruises, one down through London to the Lee and Stort navigations, and the other to Liverpool. Throughout that time, I made a habit of taking photos with names that got my interest. I collected a lot! Of course, there are lots of boats out there with the really common names – Kingfisher, Dragonfly, Merlin, Willow. Many are human names, mostly female – Rosie, Daisy, Alice. Grace is popular, too. The May family are often seen too – Peggy May, Betty May, Molly May, Susie May and all the other sisters. It’s a very big family, and all girls. I’m still waiting to see the boats called Cindy Might, Mary’s Thinking About It, Lucy’s Really Up For It or Mandy Did!

This is a random selection of the many names I collected. Do they make you smile, titter, laugh, guffaw or facepalm?

May Contain Nuts
My Newt and Tiny (both of them very small boats)
Wrekin Havoc (which frequents the area of The Shropshire Union Canal where The Wrekin is rarely out of view)
Comfortably Numb
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (all three obviously Pink Floyd fans)
Sally Slap Cabbage
The Dog House
Misses bridges (yeah, right!)
Wider Wake and Wide Awake
Sawley Mist (Sawley Cut is on the upper River Trent)
Tea for the Tillerman (Remember Cat Stevens?)
She got the house
Unsinkable the Second
Slow Down
Slow Gin
P45 (I asked the owner about it. He’d been made redundant, and he’d used his redundancy money to have the boat built)
Moose Drool (Ugh!)
Laughing Gravy (Whaat?)
The Slowness of Cows
Tegg’s Nose (This turned out to be the name of a park in Macclesfield, but it’s a flipping odd name for a park, too, isn’t it?)
San Fairy Ann (French for ‘That doesn’t matter’)
Our turn
The kids’ inheritance

And the list goes on…!

What odd boat names have you seen? Please tell us in the Comments box!

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