NB Brutus Maximus, NB Kantara and two CRT staff make our way together down the four Stanley Dock Locks.

First into Stanley Dock…

then Collingwood Dock…

into Salisbury Dock, and turn left…

into Trafalgar Dock Passage…

and the Central Docks Channel through West Waterloo Dock, Prince’s Half Tide Dock and Prince’s Dock.

Now some tunnels.

Mann Island Lock next…

and finally into the Southern Docks.

We’ll avoid that lock. It’s the exit onto the River Mersey!

Stanley Lock, almost there…

and we berth in Salthouse Dock.

The two CRT men met us here, answered our questions, told us what was where, places we might want to visit, and they made us very welcome. The trip down had taken us one and a half hours, and it had all been fascinating. Now we were in the heart of Liverpool, and we had a week in which to explore!

If you’ve not made this trip, do consider it. We think it’s a must!

You can read about the whole of our Liverpool adventure and many more besides in my Kindle books Life with our feet under water and Moving home with our feet under water. You can find them here.

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