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Are you an aspiring writer who would like to contribute to this website? Have you got a story to tell, a recipe to share or have some awesome hints & tips for other narrow boat users? Maybe you have some advice on foraging or would like to share some herbal remedies or maybe you have just taken some fantastic photographs you would like to share. Perhaps you have discovered some awesome gadgets that you use on your boat. If any of this appeals to you and you would like to become part of a brand new online blog written by the people for the people then why not become a contributor?

How to contribute

There are two levels of contributor with the first being the easiest and aimed at those posting for the first time to this website. All you have to do is send your article via email by clicking the contribute button below. The best way to prepare your article is by just typing into an email, attaching any images you would like to go with your article¬†(preferebly zipped up if there are multiple images), giving any links to videos or other media and we will take care of getting it up on the site once it’s approved by our editors. There are guidelines of what we do and we don’t accept further down this page.

The second level is for those that would like to become a regular contributor to this site and are commited to at least 2 articles per month. With this level of commitment you will get access to the writing tools directly within this website and be able to post a wider variety of media such as video, image galleries and more. If this is something you would like to do then send your first article as described above by clicking the button below but within that email let us know you would like to be a regular contributor and let us know what you would like your email, username and password to be. We will then set you up an account to access this site directly and give access to a tutorial on how it all works (it’s easy). For those that already use wordpress you will probably already be familair with how it all works using the block editor. CLICK HERE FOR STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS ON POSTING WITH WORDPRESS. Initially you will be given ‘contributor’ access along with permissions to upload images and all posts you make will be pending approval. Once you are a regular contributor and we know you are a good egg we will give you higher access levels to the site where you will be able to publish without approval. Please read the guidelines for what we do and what we do not accept further down this page.


We want this website to be a fantastic place for boaters and those interested in our alternative lifestyle to be able to visit and read a wide range of articles that are relevant to the inland waterways of Great Britain and our way of life. It can be almost anything you would like it to be, from general boating stories and adventures all the way through to life hacks, insights into life or simpy sharing a recipe or remedy. If you have a business you run from your boat feel free to tell us about it but don’t abuse the site with continuous adverts. What we will not allow it to become is a substitute for the wild west world of Facebook Groups. Please read the advice below to ensure that your articles get approved by our editors.

  • Write in your own style with interesting content
  • Your article must contain 150 words or more
  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • Check the quality of your photographs
  • Bio’s absolutetly allowed – tell us what you do!
  • Be mindful of your audience
  • Be kind
  • Abuse is not permitted
  • Avoid political issues
  • Avoid profanity
  • No fake news
  • Absolutely no virtue signalling
  • No buying & selling – it’s not Ebay

Other ways you can contribute

One of the best things you can do to help us get this website off the ground is to share it on your own social media platforms to get the word out that we are looking for both writers and viewers. You know what they say – sharing is caring!

Posting your article on WordPress – step by step

It’s really quite easy but we would advise that you follow the step by step instructions below to ensure everything works properly and your article looks it’s very best.

When you log in to your dashboard you should instantly be on the posts page. Click NEW in the top left, which will bring you to the screen below, and then follow the instructions shown.

Posting to WordPress

Step 1 – Set Your Category

The dropdown menu will give you a choice of categories to describe your article, please choose a maximum of three for the best results.

Step 2 – Add Some Tags

Tags help search engines find your article. For example, if your post was about a trip along a stretch of the canal you may want to add tags such as: waterways, canal, adventure, boating etc. You can leave it blank if you are not sure.

Step 3 – Set Your Featured Image

This is an important step. A featured image is the one that will appear right at the top of your article and also display as the image for your post on our articles page. Please do not use portrait orientation pictures, landscape orientation works the best.

Step 4 – Add Your Title

The best titles are between 5 and 10 words long and will be the title shown at the top of your article as well as the title shown on the articles page of the website.

Step 5 – Write Your Article

You can just start writing here as you would in any word processor. If you want to add a picture just click the + in the black square (not the blue one on top right) for a new block and choose image block, or whatever other type of block you want. Don’t worry, it’s really easy and you will soon get the hang of it. Once you have finished you need to hit the PUBLISH button on the top right. If you don’t yet have publishing privileges it will tell you that it is ‘pending’ which basically means our editors will check the article first and publish it for you if it’s approved.

Want to contribute to our monthly newsletter?

Once a month (probably starting in December) we will be mailing out a newsletter to all our subscribers and members. If you have any ideas for the newsletter or want to help write it then get in touch!

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