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Welcome to Living in a Ditch

A brand new website to compliment the new YouTube Channel. We are honestly not sure how all this is going to go but we want you all to feel at home here and free to express your views on any of the posts we put up here. Below is the latest video on our YouTube Channel.

A BIG thank you to those who have subscribed to the new YouTube Channel already – the channel is nothing without you!

The intention of this site, our YouTube channel, Twitter and MeWe group is to build a community of open minded critical thinkers who want a place where they can air their own, perhaps alternative views on world events and life in general without being jumped on by the woke, overly sensitive gobshites. We are trying to build a space on the web where people can digest other peoples views without getting personal or outright nasty. Whilst we absolutely stand up for free speech we won’t allow spiteful abuse in any form and those voices will be disposed of.

Of course we all have our opinions on life and we won’t all agree all of the time but it costs nothing to be courteous and we can agree to disagree without falling out!

On another note this does not have to be just another opinionated space, you can share any of your life experiences with us on our social media channels such as your latest shopping trip, your pet hates or anything you would like to share openly. Alternative lifestyle tips and tricks, herbal remedies, prepping, the environment, mother nature – it’s all there to discuss!

Our, and your social media platforms 

Got something you would like to say or share with us – then why not get involved on the platforms below. Our MeWe channel is our favourite as it supports free speech, is advert and tracking free and generally just a cool platform – a bit like Facebook without the crap. You only get nagged every now and then to upgrade to their paid tier which is completely unnecessary.

The Latest Articles – See Articles Page For More

What about Hannah the Narrowboat?

If you are new here and don’t know what Hannah the Narrowboat is then don’t worry it’s perhaps not so relevant but for those that follow the Hannah the Narrowboat YouTube channel and associated social media sites please fear not, nothing really changes and we will continue to produce our weekly vlogs of gobshitery and silliness but without the 10 minute long rants that we sometimes indulge ourselves in – we will throw that stuff over here onto the new channel. We will continue with the odd livestream over there too and the same chaos will ensue, be in no doubt about that! When all said and done Hannah the Narrowboat is essentially our diary and of course the last two years of stolen freedoms and liberties were bound to carry over into that but many of our viewers don’t like hearing alternative views hence this new project where everyone who gets involved knows the score from the outset. Hopefully many will simply follow both channels.

Narrowboat from Above

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