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The world through the eyes of an opinionated old git

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Got something on your mind or perhaps would like to hear my opinion on something you have seen or heard either in real life or online? Why not pop me an email or join our MeWe group and share your stories and opinions because let’s be honest here, the world is going to shit.


Some people like to be offended on behalf of others – only on social media though because let’s be honest you wouldn’t  say shit to anyones face. If you are one of those wokerati types then you best take a blood pressure tablet before proceeding or maybe just choose another site.

Hit me back

Think I’m talking bollocks and want to call me out on something I’ve said? Why not put a counter argument forward via email. I love emails, especially those ones that call me a gammon or label me as some sort of ‘phobe’ or ‘ist’. Go ahead, free speech and all that shit.

What’s this all about then?

As I’ve grown older I have learnt that I can’t be arsed filtering what I say just because the hard of thinking get upset that my opinion may well be completely different to theirs. In fact I’ve come to the realisation that many people are retarded and their opinions on life and world events are not real at all and are dictated by how they think people will react on social media – online image is everything you know! Well, let me tell you right here and right now, not one fuck is given what that type of person thinks of me because they are just virtue signalling gobshites who lost their balls as soon as they created a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (X-FFS) account.

The truth of the matter is that I’ll say whatever I want for as long as I can – well, until the online safety bill cuts my bollocks off and silences me forever! On that note that’s exactly why I have set this website up, it will take a lot longer for the feckers to shut me down here on my own website than it will on YouTube et al so maybe see this site as a condom for my soul, a little protection so to speak.

There are certain things that we are not allowed to talk about on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter (X-FFS) etc such as the nonsense of the plandemic and the fact that those medical interventions are killing people. Don’t even think about mentioning the FACT that excess deaths are higher now than anytime during convid. Mentioning the religion of peace is also a big NO NO but the honest average man and woman (don’t get me started on those cocks in frocks) on the street have huge concerns but are afraid to talk about it because of the labels the will receive by the useful idiots out there.

I’m guessing that if you have read this opening piece then you have already got a firm grasp as to what this website is all about. Of course much of it is tongue-in-cheek to wind up the knob rots and wankpuffins out there and to let them know they are on the losing side.

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